John Poster


By Annie Baker
Directed by Christopher Brauer

Tom Hendry Warehouse

“…so good on so many levels that it casts a unique and brilliant light.” – The New Yorker

Jenny and Elias are taking their crumbling relationship on a tour of Civil War sites, in the hope that a few days in a Gettysburg bed and breakfast will bring them together again. Their quirky hostess is a collector of countless fondly displayed objects, each representing some ghost or memory. The old dear’s treasures may soothe or haunt, depending on one’s state, and the player piano can take on an alarming life of its own at 2:00 in the morning. Annie Baker has done it again with this insightful reflection on human relationships. John illuminates the distance between what is seen with the eyes and what is simply understood, and asks how well we can really know the people we love.

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