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by Matthew Handscombe
zone41 theatre

Tom Hendry Warehouse
140 Rupert Avenue (at Lily Street)
Wheelchair accessible
Capacity 286

A development reading of a new version of Ibsen's Little Eyolf (1894) set in a cottage north of a Canadian city by zone41 theatre's Matthew Handscombe. Eyolf picks up some of the threads Ibsen mentions but doesn't develop: disability and gender identity, and follows closely the big one he does: strained familial relationships.

This adaptation is the product of a Jean Gascon/Guthrie Award from the Stratford Festival.
This is a play about expectations; what we want and the friction that occurs when we want for those closest to us. It takes place on the day an extended family receive an Autism spectrum diagnosis for their son.

"I'm not the mom I never wanted to be, I can live with it."

Director: Krista Jackson
Cast: Stephanie Sy, Eric Blais, Cory Wojcik, and Trish Cooper
Creative Consultant: Lara Rae


Sun Feb 10 7:00pm

80 minutes
Warning: very strong language, sexual content

Tickets FREE
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