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Naked Theatre Productions

Dragon Arts Collective
91 Albert St, 3rd floor
No wheelchair access

Donna and Tommy aren’t together anymore. Donna wouldn’t have even come over, but Tommy’s been hitting on her sister so she has to straighten him out. But when her heart betrays her and she doesn’t know what to do, Donna turns to the last person she should, her Dad. Though he’d rather not, dad too heads over to Tommy’s to sort things out.

The Dreamer Examines His Pillow is a story of the quest for self-knowledge, and the brutal honesty that accompanies any such journey. “Shanley at his best,” savagely funny and sad, but full of love.

"The individual life is a dream." For me personally, this is a most moving idea. It frees me from my fear of death. it puts my ego where it belongs.

Director: Eric Blais
Cast: Sarah Flynn, Liam Naughten and Chris Sousa

90 minutes

Warnings: Language, content

Tue, Feb 6 - 7:30pm
Wed, Feb 7 - 7:30pm
Thu, Feb 8 - 7:30pm
Fri, Feb 9 - 7:30pm
Sat, Feb 10 - 7:30pm

Tickets: $15

In advance:
Email nakedtheatreproductions@gmail.com
Tickets also available at the door

At the door:
Box Office opens 45 minutes before showtime