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the youth league

by Henrik Ibsen

Tom Hendry Warehouse
140 Rupert Avenue (at Lily Street)
Wheelchair accessible
Capacity 286

Stengaard, a rising politician, gathers a new party around him, promising to rid the country of a corrupt old guard.  Soon, he's embroiled in social and amorous intrigue as he seeks to gain power and make an advantageous marriage. One of Ibsen’s few comedies, the play was criticized by Norway’s Liberals and Conservatives, each thinking the play was about them. Today’s audience members might also find some of the political characters strangely familiar.

“It’s all the same to me whether the pig eats the dog or the dog eats the pig.”

Director: Megan McArton
Cast: Fourteen actors! Will we all fit on stage? Elena Anciro, Tom Anniko, Graham Ashmore, Miranda Baran, Mariam Bernstein, Terri Cherniak, Ava Darrach-Gagnon, Patricia Hunter, Marsha Knight, Aaron Merke, Simon Miron, Harry Nelken, Jeff Strome, and Karl Thordarson. 

Sun Feb 3 2:00pm

2 hours

Tickets $15 (suggested donation to Performing Arts Lodge Winnipeg)
Tickets at the door only