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peer gynt

by Henrik Ibsen, adapted and translated by Errol Durbach
featuring new music by Cuinn Joseph
Black Hole Theatre

John J. Conklin Theatre
Gail Asper Performing Arts Hall, 150 Dafoe Road
University of Manitoba Fort Garry Campus
Wheelchair accessible
Capacity 110

Peer Gynt is about the quintessential comic hero, spinning tall tales and charming ladies as he makes his way through a series of outrageous, perilous adventures. Somehow, he always comes through and skips merrily on his way, no matter how bad the odds are. But is that enough? While Peer is an irresponsible rogue who always manages to escape consequences, he is nonetheless on a quest in search of the Self, just one step ahead of the Button Moulder who intends to melt down his soul.

“Fantastic dreams are waste of breath
When life evaporates, and death
Confronts us where the four roads cross.
Yes, Buttonmoulder. Life is loss.”
— Young Peer Gynt

Directors: Chris Johnson & Rowan Gannon
Featuring students and alumni of the University of Manitoba’s Theatre Program.
Cast: Featuring students and alumni of the University of Manitoba’s Theatre Program


Wed Jan 23 7:30pm
Thu Jan 24 7:30pm
Fri Jan 25 7:30pm
Sat Jan 26 7:30pm
Sun Jan 27 2:00pm
Tue Jan 29 7:30pm (talkback following)
Wed Jan 30 7:30pm
Thu Jan 31 7:30pm
Fri Feb 1 7:30pm
Sat Feb 2 7:30pm

3 hours

Tickets $20
Alumni/arts workers $15
Students $10
In advance:
Call 204 474 6880 or email tickets@bhtc.ca
At the door:

Box Office opens 40 minutes before showtime