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by Denyse Gervais Regan

Sunday, October 14 at 2pm
Royal MTC – Cargill Boardroom (enter via Box Office, 174 Market Ave.)

Please RSVP at rsvp@royalmtc.ca

Memory, love and laughter fuel this beautiful story of Marie Louise, her husband and their 12 children in Elie, Manitoba. The farm is failing, there's trouble with the bank, and Marie Louise is pregnant again. Hope is almost lost. . . when a wealthy neighbour arrives with a proposal that will save the farm at an agonizing cost: she'll help the family if she can adopt the unborn child – the thirteenth one. Marie Louise faces the decision of a lifetime. London playwright Denyse Gervais Regan celebrates the power of a mother's love. Based on a true story.

Denyse Gervais Regan

Denyse wrote the play The Thirteenth One, which premièred at Blyth Festival in 2005. The French version, Le Treizième, premièred in Regina in November 2013. She also wrote a book of short stories about her family called The Thirteenth One: A Prairie Family’s Adventures in Early 20th Century Canada. Her second book, The Lucky Thirteenth One, more short stories about her family in Ontario, will be available this fall. www.denysegervaisregan.com

Royal MTC is fully accessible for wheelchair patrons with washrooms available on the main floor. For the reading, please enter the building via the Box Office doors and you'll be directed to an elevator that will take you to the second floor. Please advise staff of any assistance you need and we'll be happy to help you.