If you’ve ever been to a Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre production, you’ve already experienced the excitement of live theatre and understand our commitment to producing exceptional entertainment. What you may not know is your ticket price only covers 50% of the cost of the productions you see on our stages.

Since 1958, MTC has relied on the generosity of donors who help us continue producing great theatre at affordable prices. This year it’s easier than ever to help play a leading role at MTC – simply add a donation to your subscription, donate online or call and speak to a member of our Development team.

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Thanks for your interest in supporting Royal MTC. It’s easy to make a donation!

Online donations can be made to Royal MTC’s Annual Fund. To donate, simply fill in the form below.
NOTE: To make an on-line donation you must be logged into our system. After clicking 'Make Donation' you'll proceed to a screen where you can log in using your existing account or register with us. When you have completed your login or registration you'll return to this screen. Simply click 'Make Donation' again to proceed with your payment.

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You can also download a Donation Form here and mail the completed form to:

Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre
174 Market Avenue
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For more information on making a gift, please contact: Kris Olafson, Individual Giving Officer at 204 954 6412,