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Have tickets to ? Stream it here


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The Mountaintop is a staged play captured for the screen.

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Grade recommendation: Grade 11 and up

Content advisory: Mature themes, coarse and strong language, sexual innuendo; issues of oppression, including racism; conversations about death and dying

For more info about this digital production, visit our show page.

Workshop A

Martin Luther King’s 1960s

Dr. King was a regular everyday guy, right?

Join professional theatre artists as they invite you into the world of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 1960s. Through practical exercises and drama activities, you'll appreciate Dr. King the person, his point of view and his purpose within the civil rights movement. This workshop is recommended for groups who are being introduced to this influential figure and the US civil rights movement.

Workshop availability:
One hour, Wednesday afternoons from 1–4pm
Feb 16 – Mar 12

Workshop B

Character Dynamics: Understanding Camae and Martin Luther King’s relationship (scene study)

An exploration of symbolism, language, voice and dialogue

Join professional theatre artists as we delve into the world where Camae and Martin Luther King meet. What do we learn about these characters and their interaction, and what are their objectives in this scene? This practical exploration encourages students to discover more about this powerful relationship.

Workshop availability:
One hour, Thursday mornings from 9am–12pm
Feb 16 – Mar 12

Both workshops are practical in nature and will be held on Zoom.

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