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Queen Lear is Dead

by Jessy Ardern
The Fox Den Collective

Broadway First Baptist Church
790 Honeyman Avenue
Wheelchair accessible
Capacity 60

Regan, Delia and Gee are mourning the loss of their mother. Join their Celebration of Life and choose your allegiances as the sisters fight, grieve and joke their way through family tragedy.
This site-specific prequel to King Lear is a pick-your-own-pathway performance. You decide which characters to follow and where to go next in this black comedy about the things we love, the people we lose, and the cupcakes we eat along the way.
"So much emotion in such a novel form... definitely a must-see." – Edmonton Journal
Photo credit: Emmanuel Osahor
Director: Valerie Planche
Cast: Jessy Ardern, Priya Narine, Carmen Osahor

"I shouldn't be surprised today turned out like this. Get the Lear girls together and it's always a shit show."

Tue Jan 21 7:30PM (Pay What You Will at the door)
Wed Jan 22 8:00PM
Thu Jan 23 7:30PM
Fri Jan 24 9:00PM
Sat Jan 25 4:00 & 9:00PM
Sun Jan 26 4:00PM
Tue Jan 28 8:00PM (2 for 1 tickets at the door)
Wed Jan 29 7:30PM
Thu Jan 30 9:45PM - NEW SHOW TIME
Fri Jan 31 7:30PM
Sat Feb 1 4:00 & 9:00PM
Sun Feb 2 4:00PM
65 minutes
Warning: Mature language
Tickets $20
Students/Seniors/Artsworkers/Underemployed $15
Tue Jan 21 is PWYW (at the door)
Tue Jan 28 is 2 for 1 (at the door)
To reserve in advance:
Call 780 965 9304
Email TFDCollective@gmail.com
At the door:
Cash, e-transfer, ShakespearePass
Box Office opens 30 minutes before showtime