Festivals & Events


In the winter of 2001, Royal MTC chose to honour Samuel Beckett at its first annual Master Playwright Festival. The Master Playwright Festival provides opportunities for both professional and emerging artists from a variety of organizations and independent companies to produce work under the umbrella of a larger festival. It also provides patrons with an opportunity to thoroughly immerse themselves in the work of a playwright who may not have a regular home on Winnipeg stages.

The inaugural event involved 15 Beckett works by 10 local companies in eight venues. Since then, Royal MTC has presented the works of 19 master playwrights: BeckettFest (2001), BrechtFest (2002), PinterFest (2003), AlbeeFest (2004), TremblayFest (2005), O'NeillFest (2006), StoppardFest (2007), MametFest (2008), MillerFest (2009), ChurchillFest (2010), StrindbergFest (2011), ShawFest (2012), SondheimFest (2013), ChekhovFest (2014), CowardFest (2015), AyckbournFest (2016), ChristieFest (2017), ShanleyFest (2018), IbsenFest (2019) and ShakespeareFest (2020).

ShakespeareFest marks the final edition of the festival coordinated by Royal MTC, and we’d like to thank the professional, emerging and community partner companies, our loyal sponsors and over 190,000 enthusiastic patrons who have supported the festival over the years.

Thank you to our sponsors!