By Kat Sandler
NEW DATES March 4 – 20, 2021 (Preview Mar 3)
A cocky private investigator teams up with a small-town detective to find a missing person. The victim – if he’s missing at all – was a bad dog who left a trail of conquests in his wake. Top on the list is Kath, an older professor with a reputation for bedding students. Is she a woman scorned? Is she a suspect? Or is she something more sinister? As the case unravels, predator and prey become indistinguishable and no one is safe. In this murder mystery-revenge comedy, inspired by Baba Yaga folklore, Kat Sandler (Bang Bang) conjures a twisted fairy tale for a new age. Beware the wicked witch – her secrets are best left unearthed.

By Sarah DeLappe
NEW DATES April 15 – May 1, 2021 (Preview April 14)
A Pulitzer Prize finalist, The Wolves takes us to the pitch for a teenage soccer team’s weekly warm-up. During pre-game rituals, we eavesdrop. Their preoccupations cover a mind-boggling range of topics: boys/girls, scholarships, Cambodian dictators, social hierarchies and, of course, kicking their next opponent. Label them at your peril – they’re tough to pin down. They want to fit in but need to stand out. They’re feral and fierce but soft at the core. Featuring fast-paced dialogue and fancy footwork, The Wolves is a refreshingly candid look at one of society’s most dismissed groups: teenage girls. They have a voice. They will only get stronger. They are The Wolves.