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Have tickets to ? Stream it here
Have tickets to ? Stream it here
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How will I get access to the performance?

Once you buy your ticket, you’ll receive a confirmation email within 15 minutes. Closer to February 26 when The Mountaintop premieres, you’ll receive another email with instructions on how to watch the show. If you don’t receive an email confirming your purchase, please contact the Box Office at Don’t forget to check your spam folder!

Need help navigating the process? Follow this step-by-step guide or watch this 'How to view digital content' video:

Do I have to have a Royal MTC account to watch the show?

Yes, you do! If you're having trouble accessing your online account or you're not sure if you have an online account, please reach out to the Box Office at 204 942 6537 or

How are my login and username different?

Your login is the email you use to access your account. The username is what you use once you've gotten access to your account.

Can I pause the performance if I need to?

Yes! The show is pre-recorded so you can pause the show and come back whenever you are ready.

How do I make the video full screen?

Click on the partial box icon in the show window and enjoy the performance full screen.

How long do I have to watch The Mountaintop?

You can watch The Mountaintop as many times as you like from February 26 at 7:30pm to March 14. Unfortunately, The Mountaintop cannot be downloaded or viewed offline.

Is The Mountaintop appropriate for all ages?

We recommend ages 14+ as there is strong language and mature content.

Can I book a ticket for a friend?

In order to watch the show, each household needs a ticket booked under their Royal MTC account. Have your friend visit our website or call the Box Office at 204 942 6537 to buy a ticket.

ARE YOU Booking a ticket with a promo code?

Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Can I watch the show on my TV/phone or do I have to watch it on my computer?

We suggest a larger screen for the best viewing experience but any device should work, as long as you can login to your Royal MTC account.

How do I WATCH the performance on my TV?

Virtual performances must be viewed in a web browser, whether that's on a computer, tablet, mobile device or smart TV. It may be possible to view on your TV depending on your device or TV.  YouTube has some helpful videos and tips on how to connect your devices.

Are Closed Captions available?

Yes! Just click the CC icon on the video and closed captioning will appear on the screen.

How long is the performance?

The Mountaintop is approximately 90 mins.

How can I find out more about the CAST AND CREATIVE TEAM?

We’ve created a free digital program that you can read as a pdf document or browse like a virtual magazine. CLICK TO READ

More questions? Please contact the Box Office at

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