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Royal MTC is pleased to announce Play on Words, a partnership with the Winnipeg Public Library which will bring you even more opportunities to enrich your theatre experience!

Check out our librarian-recommended resources to better connect with the stories on our stages, public presentations by artists and experts, playwrighting workshops and more!


Join us for a series of free noon-hour presentations in the Carol Shields Auditorium at the Millennium Library. Each Tuesday session runs from 12:10 – 12:50pm and is a great way to better connect with the story.

Coming Up:

In celebration of Royal MTC's 60th anniversary artists, staff and craftspeople will share behind-the-scenes stories and explore literary connections for these great plays and musicals. 
Shakespeare in Love: Friday October 27
A Christmas Carol: Friday December 1 
Come From Away: Friday January 19 
Once: Friday February 23 


The Winnipeg Public Library's Talented Librarians provide amazing lists of resources that help you better connect wit hthe play. From biographies to fiction, films and even music in their collection, the lists are inspired by the stories and characters onstage at Royal MTC!

Check out our librarian-recommended resources to better connect with the stories on our stages!
There are 1.4 million books, magazines, movies, audiobooks, eBooks and more at Winnipeg Public Library. And all you need to borrow them is your library card. There are 20 locations throughout the city, and there's an online catalogue for requesting items for pick up at your library of convenience. An online e-Library has thousands of eBooks, eAudiobooks and more! All free to use with your library card. Visit us online at

2016/17 Season

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Sarah Ballenden