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Have tickets to ? Stream it here
Cast of Seminar. Photo by Dylan Hewlett.


Thank you for your interest, but the deadline has passed and we're no longer accepting applications.

We’re so pleased to welcome this talented line-up of artists into our 2020/2021 National Mentorship Program!

Mentee and Mentor Pairings

Ksenia Broda-Milian – Beth Dart

Katie German – Yvette Nolan

Melissa Langdon – Kimberley Rampersad

Joyce Licup – Joseph Abetria

Sarah Luby – David Connolly

Julie Lumsden – Reneltta Arluk

Andrea Macasaet – Nina Lee Aquino

Matthew Paris-Irvine – Philip Akin

Davis Plett – Deanna H. Choi

Sophie Smith-Dostmohamed – Haysam Kadri

Hazel Venzon – Maiko Yamamoto

Haley Vincent – Laura Nanni

Liam Zarrillo – Sunny Drake

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Royal MTC is pleased to announce its new National Mentorship Program. Too often, we see our local talent base seek opportunities for both training and employment in other parts of the country, often resulting in a permanent move out of Manitoba. For IBPOC artists, this exodus is even more prevalent.

In the performing arts, as in many industries, networking has a profound impact in propelling an artist’s career. As part of Royal MTC’s commitment to nurture and support our local talent pool, we're thrilled to launch a virtual mentorship program that connects the brightest emerging talent with the most innovative and exciting senior theatre practitioners across the country.

The National Mentorship Program aims to help Manitoban theatre practitioners overcome the barriers of geographical isolation and build a web of connections and opportunities, simply by sitting down to have a conversation on a bimonthly basis.

While all are welcome to apply, priority will be given to emerging artists (under 35) from underserved communities in an effort to address and overcome ongoing systemic barriers in the Canadian theatre ecology.

Program Details:

  • Program dates: January – May 2021
  • Participants will receive a stipend of $500 to engage in 10 hour-long meetings with a mentor of their choice anywhere in Canada.
  • The program will culminate in a short interview filmed between the mentor and mentee that will be promoted through social media to patrons and colleagues across the industry.
2021/2022 application deadline: October 15, 2021

For more information, please contact Audrey Dwyer, Associate Artistic Director, at



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