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Pimootayowin: A Festival of New work

a journey through indigenous storytelling

Pimootayowin is an Anishinaabemowin word meaning 'journey' and we invite you to join us, alongside talented Indigenous artists, on their creative journey with the free script-reading series Pimootayowin: A Festival for New Work.

Led by Governor General Award-winning playwright Ian Ross, and Assistant Program Director, Katie German, the Pimootayowin Creators Circle celebrates six Indigenous artists’ new plays working up to the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. 

Pimootayowin: A Festival of New Work showcases the artistry of the annual cohort of Pimootayowin playwrights with nightly workshop performances in September.

The next Pimootayowin: A Festival of New Work will take place in September 2024.



2023's festival featured:

Storytelling, identity, history, narratives; it’s all fluid. Except when it’s demanded to be a solid defined object. Like a stone. Thrown into the water. Or a paddle, a canoe moving down the river. Its wake disturbing the natural environment. Human will, exerting itself against the nature of things. Differential Colours Waking in Darkness is the unique story of three distinct Indigenous individuals, whose colours become visible in contrast to others.

There’s a hole in the sky and the human world is slowly going underwater. Normally, this would be fine for a sea creature, but this story is about a young mermaid who dreams of becoming human (I promise you it’s not the one you think). How will Ethel Mermaid (that’s the main character) fulfill her life’s purpose if there’s no human world left to save?

Love, Louis is a poetic retelling of the life and trial of Louis Riel. We watch his personal journey through a retelling of Riel's poetry, experiencing love, loss, and commitment to his Nation to the bitter end. Love, Louis will remind you where the Métis came from and renew your vision of the Otipemisiwak's future.

Coming Home is the story of a young man attempting to live a Traditional way of life, in harmony with All That Is - until his son is stolen and sent away to residential school

The year, 538BC. The Judeans have just returned to Jerusalem after a 70-year exile. Their temple and city is in ruins.
They have been given permission by the Persian king, Cyrus, to rebuild.
They are determined to rid their temple and city of all foreign deities but their god.
The story is of the violent birth of monotheism.

7 Tips For Being A Good Indian is a one-person show exploring the mind of a mixed-blood person. Finding himself among the archetypes he perceives himself to be is no small feat. This play contains strong language.

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