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Pimootayowin: A Festival of New work

a journey through indigenous storytelling


Pimootayowin is an Anishinaabemowin word meaning 'journey' and we invite you to join us, alongside talented Indigenous artists, on their creative journey with the free script-reading series Pimootayowin: A Festival of New Work.

Led by Governor General Award-winning playwright Ian Ross, and assisted by Katie German, the Pimootayowin Creators Circle brought together six artists – established in their own artistic practices but new to playwriting – to each develop a play for the stage. The Creators Circle showcases a powerful array of Indigenous voices from the community: Rhonda Apetagon, Bridget Courchene, Nova Courchene, Elizabeth Denny, Trevor Greyeyes and Cynthia Wolfe-Nolin.


Pimootayowin: A Festival of New Work takes place in person in the lobby of the Tom Hendry Warehouse, for a relaxed, stripped-down environment to enjoy the readings. Complimentary tea, coffee and water will be provided for your enjoyment. 

This is a nonticketed event. Doors open 30 minutes before the readings and seating is first-come, first-served with a maximum capacity of 50 people.

The Warehouse is wheelchair accessible and has a gender-neutral restroom. For further accessibility information, please visit our Accessibility page or contact us at 

tuesday, september 27



Maybe This Afternoon
Written by Rhonda Apetagon
Directed by Katie German

Maybe this Afternoon is a heartwarming look at the little things that tie a community together. An average day at the band office turns upside down when highly skilled receptionist Milly is faced with a difficult personal decision that could spell change for her and everyone around her. Sharing a different perspective on the often-unflattering portrayal of life on reserve, this story highlights the humanity and kindness that also exists within Indigenous communities, punctuated by a DJ with plenty of local style.

Cast & Creative Team


WEDNESDAY, September 28




The Rapturous Promises of Love and Death
Written by Trevor Greyeyes
Directed by Ian Ross

Character stands on stage with guitar. Stuff happens. Deep philosophical stuff.

Cast & Creative Team

*10-minute intermission

Written by Nova Courchene
Directed by Charlene Van Beukenhout

In this original piece, we are drawn into the world of two young Waawaashkeshi (Deer) as they begin their first rut. One is gendered as the female known as Noozhe, the other gendered as the male counterpart known as Kiskaw. We follow the young deer and explore their roles within the confines of a society that has innate knowing and ways of being. Both protagonists examine the concept of survival and how offerings are used within the Indigenous scope of reciprocity.

Noozhe questions her role as a female tasked to carry on the herd’s genetics, her role in mate selection, and her responsibilities as a mother while dodging the Hunter. Kiskaw grapples with the choice to challenge an elder named Aaybe for alpha, and lives with the repercussions of his decisions and actions, and what drives the need to rut each year.

Cast & Creative Team


THURSDAY, September 29


Written by Cynthia Wolfe-Nolin
Directed by Katie German

Non-Machinable tells the story of a Métis woman named Postie and various women of colour, many of whom are newcomers to Canada, who work in her postal service unit. One day the routine of work dramatically changes when a “return to sender” letter arrives from an Indigenous woman in prison. Against the advice if her co-workers, and the explicit rules of the post office, Postie opens and reads the letter. Unable to ignore its contents, she is compelled to connect with her dark past.

Cast & Creative Team


Saturday, October 1




Cory and Daisy
Written by Bridget Courchene
Directed by Simon Miron

In this comedic play, Cory, an Indigenous birthworker, and her niece Daisy are visited by a malevolent little person who threatens the future existence of humanity. To stop the destruction, Cory must find a man to propose to her before midnight.

Cast & Creative Team


Blood Sisters
Written by Elizabeth Denny
Directed by Audrey Dwyer

Blood Sisters tells the story of two tis women bonded by friendship, shared trauma and day-to-day survival. They stand by each other through everything: even their own self-harm. Can their friendship survive what is designed to bring them down? What simply keeps them alive and what allows them to start actually living?

Cast & Creative Team

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