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Edmund Stapleton, Rosie (the dog) & David W. Keeley in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. Photo by David Cooper.


This page covers accessibility in Royal MTC's policies and venues.
Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre is committed to:
  • providing a safe, dignified and welcoming environment for everyone.
  • providing accessible and inclusive programs, services, information, goods, employment opportunities and facilities, wherever possible.
  • meeting the requirements of The Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) and all applicable accessibility and human rights legislation.
We strive to incorporate the principles of dignity, independence, integration, and equality of opportunity in all of our operations. Read below for answers to common accessibility questions! If you have other questions, accommodation requests, or would like to request a copy of Royal MTC accessibility plans or policies in alternate formats, contact us at or 204 942 6537 / 1 877 446 4500.

New to MTC? See the Visual Guide for step-by-step details of the experience in large print and plain language. 
Parking | Entrances | Washrooms | Seating | Support Persons | Assistive Devices | Balcony Access | Service Disruptions | Alternate Formats | Feedback | Performance Types | Show Warnings

You can download our full organizational accessibility policy in PDF format or as as a Word document. Whenever possible, Royal MTC staff will also provide our Accessibility Policy in an alternate format, in a manner that takes into account the requested format, within a reasonable time, and at no cost to the person making the request.
Where can I find accessible parking?
You can see accessible parking on this downtown parking map. Locations of accessible spots are marked with a blue dot.
Outside of the Box Office, there is a loading and unloading area for pick-ups and drop-offs. In front of Royal MTC on Market Ave, there is also accessible street parking available for two vehicles.
There is a private parking lot next door to the John Hirsch Mainstage Theatre. The entrance for this parking lot is off Market Avenue. This lot is not owned or operated by Royal MTC.
Which entrances are accessible?
All three main entrances to the John Hirsch Mainstage Theatre and the entrance to the Tom Hendry Warehouse are at ground level, with large push-button door openers.
At the John Hirsch Mainstage, the main box office entrance at the corner of Market Avenue and Lily Street is recommended for patrons using wheelchairs or other mobility devices. The other entrances are further down Market towards Main Street, and around the corner from the box office on Rorie Street.
At the Tom Hendry Warehouse, there is only one entrance to the theatre, at the corner of Lily Street and Rupert Avenue.
Royal MTC will do its best to maintain barrier-free access to its facilities by:
  • Keeping entrance ways clear of snow, ice, debris and hazards;
  • Keeping hallways, meeting rooms and waiting areas clear of clutter;
  • Ensuring that placement of standing signage is not a tripping or access hazard; and
  • Providing safe access for mobility devices in our public areas.

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Where are the accessible washrooms?
At the John Hirsch Mainstage, accessible washrooms are located in the main floor lobby. When entering through the main Market and Lily doors, all washrooms are to the right.
  • Main Floor washrooms include one women’s washroom with eight (8) stalls, one men’s washroom with two (2) stalls and three (3) urinals and one gender-inclusive washroom with eight (8) stalls. Each washroom's main door is power-operated with a large push-button opener.
    • Each main floor washroom has an accessible stall, with horizontal grab bars and transfer space to the left side of the toilet.
    • Each main floor washroom has motion-sensor faucets and manual push soap dispensers.
    • The gender-inclusive washroom has low-mounted paper towel dispenser next to the sinks.
  • Second Floor washrooms include one women's and one men's, with three (3) stalls in each.
    • The second floor washrooms and stalls cannot accommodate wheelchairs or mobility devices.
    • The second floor washrooms do not have power-operated doors, and sinks have twisting taps.
At the Tom Hendry Warehouse, the men’s, women’s and universal washrooms are located to the right as you enter the lobby.
  • The universal washroom is a gender-inclusive single room, with motion-sensor faucets and manual push soap dispensers. This washroom has a large push-button door opener and automatic lighting. It has a low-mounted paper towel dispenser by the sink.
  • The women’s washroom and the men’s washroom each have one accessible stall, manual faucets and manual push soap dispensers. These washrooms do not have a push-button door opener.
What sizes are your seats?
The Mainstage seats have widths of 19, 21, and 23 inches. They have armrests on both sides. See this Mainstage seating map colour-coded by width for details.

The Warehouse seats have widths of 15, 17, and 18". They also have armrests on both sides. See this Warehouse seating map colour-coded by width for details.


Do you have wheelchair-accessible seating?

The John Hirsch and Tom Hendry theatres are accessible for wheelchair users. Patrons should contact the Box Office by phone or email when ordering tickets to request this seating; they are not available online to prevent their being bought by mistake.
At the John Hirsch Mainstage, there are three (3) wheelchair-accessible seats available. One is on the right rear of main floor audience, one on the rear left side, and one in the left balcony. At each location, there there is seating available for one wheelchair user and one support person or guest. Balcony seating can be reached by elevator. The elevator is located across the lobby from the main Market and Lily entrance, close to Rorie Street. 
At the Tom Hendry Warehouse, there are two (2) wheelchair-accessible seats available in the front row (Row A), reached by a ramp on the left side of the lobby. One of these seats is in the centre section of Row A, and the other is in the left section. At each location, there is seating available for one wheelchair user and one support person or guest.

If you do not use a mobility device, but still need a seat that you can get to without using stairs, there are limited rows in each venue that can be reached with no or only a few stairs. Box Office staff can help you book these by email or phone at 204 942 6537 / 1 877 446 4500.


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Do support persons need to purchase a ticket? Can we sit together?
Each person attending a ticketed event, including support persons, must have a valid ticket. The same fees apply for support persons as for regular ticket holders, unless otherwise indicated.

For specific accessible seating requests, or requests to book seating with an accompanying support person, patrons should notify Box Office staff when ordering tickets. You can email the box office or call 204 942 6537 / 1 877 446 4500.  Royal MTC makes every effort to meet specific seating and accommodation requests for patrons with disabilities and accompanying support persons.

Royal MTC is committed to welcoming persons with disabilities who are accompanied by a support person. Any person with a disability who is accompanied by a support person will be allowed to access Theatre premises that are open to the public and other third parties.
What assistive devices are available on site?
Royal MTC provides several types of assistive devices for patron use at our performance venues.  Designated staff and volunteers at each facility are trained on the procedures for use of assistive devices.
Wheelchairs with footrests are available at both the John Hirsch Mainstage and Tom Hendry Warehouse, for no charge.
A limited number of Sennheiser Infrared Assisted Hearing Devices are available at both the John Hirsch Mainstage and Tom Hendry Warehouse. These are free of charge and given out on first-come, first-served basis. 
To request any on-site assistive devices, contact the House Manager or a volunteer usher when you arrive at the theatre.

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Are service animals allowed?
Royal MTC is committed to welcoming persons with disabilities who are accompanied by a service animal to theatre premises that are open to the public and other third parties.
Staff or volunteers may ask that a person accompanied by an animal to confirm that it is a service animal. You can provide confirmation by displaying a certification badge on an animal’s harness or vest, or by providing documentation from a regulated health professional to confirm that the animal is required for reasons relating to a disability.

You may wish to book a seat with the Box Office over the phone or email in advance to make sure you get a seat with space for your animal to be comfortable! There are grassy areas for animal relief near both venues: across Market Ave from the John Hirsch Theatre, and around the corner from the Tom Hendry Warehouse entrance on Rupert Ave.
How do I get to the balcony?
Balcony seating at the John Hirsch Mainstage can be reached by elevator or stairs. The elevator is located across the lobby from the main Market and Lily entrance, close to Rorie Street. There are also two stairwells that lead to the balcony, one next to the elevator, and one directly beside the main entrance. 

There is no balcony at the Tom Hendry Warehouse.
How will I know if accessibility features are not available for some reason?
If there is a planned or unexpected disruption to our accessible services, or to facilities usually used by persons with disabilities, Royal MTC will provide notice. This notice will include the reason for the disruption, how long it is anticipated to last, and a description of alternative facilities or services, if available.
This notice of disruption will be posted at the location of the service, at the front entrance of the facility, and wherever else is appropriate. That may include our social media sites, service counters, Box Office, emails or calls when required to communicate with patrons who have made accommodation requests, and notifications on our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.
Royal MTC will make every effort to contact patrons that staff are aware of that would be affected by a disruption to accessible services. For example, if an accessible washroom is out of order, we would try to contact individuals that staff are aware of who use assistive devices and are scheduled to attend a performance; or patrons who have requested accommodations that will be affected by a disruption.
For disruptions that are planned or will take a long time, Royal MTC will post a notice on this webpage.

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Can I request programs or other information in an alternate format?
Whenever possible, Royal MTC will provide information about the Theatre and its services, including public safety information, in accessible formats or with communication supports, upon request.
If Royal MTC determines information or communication cannot be provided in the requested format, staff will provide the person who made the request with an explanation. Theatre staff will also provide a summary version of the information or communication that was requested.
How do I provide accessibility feedback, or make a complaint or suggestion?
We welcome all accessibility feedback. Patrons can share any questions, concerns or accessibility feedback by:
  • Communicating with any staff at the John Hirsch Mainstage or Tom Hendry Warehouse
  • Emailing with your thoughts
  • Using our feedback form. Access the form online here or you can download and email it to the address above.  Fillable PDF formPDF Large Print form | Word form
  • If you would like a Royal MTC staff member to respond, be sure to provide your name and contact information. You will recieve a response within five (5) business days. If you prefer to remain anonymous, do not leave your name and just complete the Feedback section.
If the person providing feedback wishes it, Royal MTC will communicate and work with them to address and resolve complaints wherever possible. If necessary, or if Royal MTC policies or procedures are affected, issues will be forwarded to the appropriate management team or to the Executive Director for review.

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What kind of accessibility initiatives are offered for performances? 

Each season, Royal MTC attempts to offer a variety of performances with reduced barriers. In 2023/24, you can attend a performance with open captions, relaxed environment, ASL interpretation or live audio description. More performance details here. 

Open Captions

If you watch TV with subtitles, this show might be for you. Live captions of dialogue and sounds are displayed simultaneously with the action onstage. No special equipment is required for users; they are “open” to anyone! The 4' x 8" screen is placed at the front edge of the stage where it will be visible to the whole theatre, but your best view will be in the centre of rows 4-10. Our captioned performance this season is The Play That Goes Wrong on October 18.

Relaxed Performance
Designed to welcome those who would benefit from a less restricted audience environment. House lights are kept on through the show at a dim level, and there is a more open attitude to audience noise, movement, and leaving the auditorium. Startling technical effects may be adapted. We invite all patrons to come, be themselves and experience live theatre! Our  relaxed performance this season is Little Women on December 6.

Live Audio Description

Audio description can be beneficial to those with vision loss. During audio described performances, audience members will use a receiver and earpiece to hear about the visual elements of the production. This includes a brief introduction and  description of physical action and important visual details through the show. These descriptions are voiced live, in real time, by a trained describer. Only patrons with these receivers will hear the description. Equipment is provided by the describers, but you are welcome to bring your own earbuds or portable headphones if you prefer!  Our AD performances this season are Waitress on January 29 and Murder for Two on April 16.

American Sign Language Interpretation

Each season, Royal MTC offers an ASL-interpreted performance. For these performances, members of the Deaf community or others requesting ASL interpreters should book tickets online through this link in the best sections to view the interpreter. There is limited seating available in these sections. If no one has requested tickets in the interpreter's section 48 hours before the performance, the interpretation is cancelled, so please book in advance! Our ASL-interpreted performances this season are Little Women on December 8 and Casey and Diana on April 10.

How can I find out about sensory or content advisories for a show?

Warnings about lighting, strobing, sounds such as gunshots, and haze effects used in a performance are written in the program for that show, on the webpage for that show, and on signage posted on all entrance doors to the lobby and theatre.

Broad content advisories such as "strong language" or "mature themes" are on the webpage for each show and on signage posted on entrance doors. More detailed content overviews about particular topics and themes are available by contacting the box office by email or phone at 204 942 6537 / 1 877 446 4500. 

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