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Have tickets to ? Stream it here
Have tickets to ? Stream it here
Although students can't visit our building, we're trying to keep them busy!



Camera, Lights, Action

For students in Grades 10 and up, including those enrolled in post-secondary performing arts education

First time auditioning and butterflies in your stomach? Fear no more, these 45-minute workshops will help you get ready for your big day! These are moderated discussion-based sessions.

The Audition ♦ FREE
Thu Mar 11 at 4pm

Watch a Zoom audition in progress and join in the fun.

Creating the Magic – How Best to Light Yourself ♦ FREE
Thu Mar 18 at 4pm

Learn useful techniques about the art of lighting. Join our lighting team and actors as they share tips and tricks to lighting for audition self-tapes.

Please complete this form to register. Space is limited: first-come, first-served.

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Teacher Think Tank


Let's talk! Want to contribute and enhance the work of the Education and Community Outreach team? Cultivate new ideas, contribute to positive change and share your own journey into education! Teachers must be willing to commit to monthly Zoom meetings.

We're still accepting teachers. Contact Nitasha Rajoo, Interim Education Manager, at


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