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Elliot Loran, Greg Gale, Kris Ulrich & Matt Cage in Million Dollar Quartet. Photo by Robert Tinker.


The Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre exists to celebrate the widest spectrum of theatre art. Deeply rooted in the province of Manitoba, which gave it life and provides for its growth, Royal MTC aspires to both reflect and engage the community it serves.


It is the aim of Royal MTC to study, practice and promote all aspects of the dramatic art, with particular emphasis on professional production.


Royal MTC’s theatres and our province will teem with artists and audiences sharing in the act of imagining, enriching lives and communities.


EXCELLENCE – Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the writing of each play and the artists who create each production, and is a promise to the volunteers, staff, funders and audiences who support it.

BALANCE – Our commitment to balance is evident in the composition of the playbill and in the wide range of programs and festivals Royal MTC offers.

INCLUSION – Our commitment to inclusion ensures that as we share theatre throughout our city and province, we create a welcoming space for everyone.

ACCESSIBILITY – Our commitment to accessibility requires that we broaden our understanding of barriers to engagement, and work to eliminate them.

AFFORDABILITY – Our commitment to affordability is reflected in marshalling public and private sector support to keep ticket prices as low as possible for all Manitobans.

SUSTAINABILITY – Our commitment to sustainability begins with understanding our environmental impact, and implementing best practices in environmental sustainability in theatre.

LONGEVITY – Our commitment to longevity is evident in our governance structure, business practices and financial management.


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