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First Métis Man of Odesa

By Matthew MacKenzie and Mariya Khomutova
Directed by Lianna Makuch
NOV 1–18, 2023

In Matt and Masha’s world, love conquers all. The two first appear as opposites: Masha loves the ocean and Matt loves mountains. Masha loves home and Matt travels like a circus boy. Masha is Ukrainian and Matt is Métis. But they share an undeniable connection that binds them together for life.
First Métis Man of Odesa is a poignant tale told in tandem about an international love affair and the inevitable hardships that come with navigating relationships. This is a love that transcends continents, pandemics, life-changing emojis and war.

A Punctuate! Theatre Production

among men

By David Yee
Directed by Suzie Martin
JAN 24–FEB 10, 2024

In 10 years, Al Purdy and Milton Acorn will become celebrated Canadian poets, but for now, they are just two broke men drinking whiskey and fighting with a wood-fire stove.
This heartfelt and crude drama makes cussing sound like poetry (and coffee taste like whiskey) as the two men struggle to build an A-frame cottage, while dismantling the narrow notion of 20th century masculinity. On the precipice of greatness, and a hangover, the poets must wrestle with a darkness that fights back to turn everything into something greater than it is.

A co-production with Theatre Projects Manitoba

The Piano Teacher

By Dorothy Dittrich
Directed by Simon Miron
FEB 28–MAR 16, 2024

After a devastating loss, Erin, a concert pianist, is no longer able to play. Inspired by a chance encounter, she approaches Elaine, a gifted piano teacher, to help her find music again. The weekly sessions start tentatively but soon find a rhythm that enriches the lives of both women. The lessons, along with an unexpected new friendship, draw Erin out of herself. And teacher becomes student when Elaine discovers she must confront her own loss once and for all.
Scored with exquisite piano music and awarded the 2022 Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama, The Piano Teacher is a moving and lyrical play about love, loss, friendship, and the healing power of music.

Guilt: A Love Story

Written and Performed by Diane Flacks
APR 3–20, 2024

Guilt is pesky. You can try to drown it with wine, push it down deep, or wrestle it to the ground, but still it lingers. Guilt is the party guest who refuses to leave. Part stand-up, part confessional, Guilt takes us on a roller coaster ride through infidelity, divorce, forgiveness and love. This laugh-out-loud comedy by Diane Flacks combines her comic prowess, keen intelligence and fierce honesty. She has spent her career wowing audiences and we're pleased to welcome her to Winnipeg. Pack your bags, we’re going on a guilt trip!

A Tarragon Theatre Production
Sponsored by The Asper Foundation


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