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Charlene Van Buekenhout & Cherissa Richards in Di, Viv & Rose. Set & Costume Designer Brian Perchaluk, Lighting Designer Larry Isacoff. Photo by Dylan Hewlett.

Residency Program

Royal MTC's Residency Program aims to support the creation and development of work by independent Manitoba theatre collectives and companies. We're thrilled to announce this year's participants:


All My Relations

Artistic team: Rayna Masterton, Claire Borody

Too Much Too Soon
Set in a darkroom, amongst a backdrop of printed film photos, a woman creates herself. From disconnection and dysmorphia towards transformation, this hybrid of dance, theatre and visual arts performance tells the reinvented creation story of a contemporary Métis woman.

Echo Theatre

Artistic team: Charlene Van Buekenhout, Simon Miron

The Smell of Dead Mums a.k.a. The Wendigo Play a.k.a Wanishin (lost)
A story of the journey home for the “found Métis” generation. Exploring secrets and clues unknowingly passed down through generations, it deals with the choice between clear, easy paths in life, and the darker, dense and overgrown paths that need to be understood for those coming behind.

Joseph-Herd Productions    

Artistic team: Cuinn Joseph, Connor Joseph, Monique Gauthier, Jacob Herd

Breaking Up With Me: A Pop Punk Musical
Struggling with mental health, Brennan begrudgingly seeks help from his therapist, Susan, who asks him to pretend his mental illnesses are "friends" from whom he must separate. With Susan’s help, Brennan attempts to lift himself from rock bottom while Depression, Anxiety and OCD are determined to keep him there.

O Death Collective        

Artistic team: Scout Rexe, Liam Zarrillo, Fatma Sarah Elkashef, Kate Hammer, Hayden Siemens

In O Death by Scout Rexe, trans musician James and his sister Caddy are about to go on tour when James is publicly called out for crossing a line with a fan. Asked to be with their rock legend grandfather while he dies, Caddy and James try to survive the call-out and fend off the enticing invincibility of fame. A piece about legacy, accountability culture, complicity, and music.

Theatre By The River        

Artistic team: Daina Leitold, Gabriel Daniels, David Oro, Jordan Phillips, Lara Rae, Kelsey Braun, Ginny Collins, Kendra Jones, Derek Leenhouts, Mel Marginet, Karl Thordarson

This production will be site-specific, taking the audience on a physical and auditory journey into a future Winnipeg, where natural and human-made catastrophes have left the River City ravaged, and its people seeking to create a fresh start. Who would be the new ruling class? What do the folks who live along the riverbanks really know? Who really does control the weather? And most importantly, how can propaganda be discerned from the truth?


About the program

For the 2021/22 season and the pilot year for the Residency Program, Royal MTC will provide a week-long residency in the BMO Digital Studio, with the venue rental fee waived and a $3,000 honorarium to resident companies as a subsidy for artistic costs. The booking is to be scheduled between October 4 – December 17, 2021.

The Residency Program is intended to incubate ideas for artists, collectives and companies in the development stages of new work. A final presentation is not required, but resident companies can also choose to share the activity, exclusively digitally, on their own platform. (No live audiences of any size will be allowed in the venue).

The assessment panel was Artistic Director Kelly Thornton, Associate Artistic Director Audrey Dwyer and Producer Isabelle Ly. Selection criteria included evaluation of applications based on artistic merit, artistic practice, diversity and community impact.

For more information, please contact Christine Corthey, Production Associate, at


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