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By Virginia Woolf
Adapted by Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Kelly Thornton

NOV 25 – DEC 18, 2021

“Wildly charming, full of passion, play and wit” – MOONEY ON THEATRE

We welcome audiences back to the theatre with a magical journey that transcends time and gender. Based on the Virginia Woolf novel described as “the longest and most charming love letter in literature”, this clever adaptation is bursting with wit, whimsy and wonder. Who is Orlando? Blessed with shapely legs and the soul of a poet, he – or she – travels nearly four centuries in pursuit of the essential self. Orlando is something different to everyone, but always remains true. Sparkling with inventive theatricality and beguiling characters, Orlando shines as a modern take on love, art and identity.


By Jeremy Kareken & David Murrell
and Gordon Farrell
Directed by Audrey Dwyer

FEB 10 – MAR 5, 2022

“I’m not interested in accuracy; I’m interested in truth.” – JOHN D’AGATA

Magazine editor Emily Penrose has cleared space for an essay by renowned writer John D’Agata. The piece is brilliant and offers a rare chance in the magazine world to drive meaningful conversation and possibly make a difference. D’Agata is a gifted writer but is known to take “little liberties” so a quick fact check is in order. Enter intern Jim Fingal, whose task is simple: check the facts, meet the deadline, end of story. But Jim’s zealous defence of the facts soon pits him against the famous writer, who’s more interested in the essence of truth. Based on a true seven-year battle between an innovative essayist and a tenacious fact checker, The Lifespan of a Fact is a sharp, thought-provoking and often hilarious search for truth.


By Audrey Dwyer
An NAC English Theatre/Royal MTC/Black Theatre Workshop Co-production
Directed by Sarah Garton Stanley

MAR 24 – APR 16, 2022

“You didn’t create racism. So why do you have to solve it?” – MARK

Julie, a Jamaican-Canadian screenwriter, is battling writer’s block and innumerable distractions as her family prepares for an important dinner. More accurately, Precy, their beloved housekeeper is preparing; they’re mostly getting in the way and arguing about Julie’s movie. Passionate and daring, Julie is taking aim at To Kill A Mockingbird for its treatment of Calpurnia, the Finch family maid. The project has its detractors – including her brother Mark who loves the book and the movie. When he wonders aloud whether Julie can even write this story from a place of privilege, she goes to dramatic lengths to prove him wrong. Race, class and gender collide in this explosive comedy that’s sure to provoke conversation in all the best ways.


By Tomson Highway
Directed by Tracey Nepinak

MAY 5 – 28, 2022

“One of the most touching, exuberant, cleverly crafted and utterly entrancing plays” – TORONTO STAR

Life is in a holding pattern on the Wasaychigan Hill Indian Reserve. The roads still aren’t paved, work is scarce and the only real action is at Big Joey’s house. Pelajia isn’t one of his conquests; she’s dreaming of a life beyond the reserve. But that seems out of reach until – can it be true? – The Biggest Bingo in the World is coming to Toronto! Which means one thing; the mother of all road trips. So Pelajia and her high-spirited rez sisters pile into a borrowed van in search of a big payout. Even the mysterious Nanabush hitches a ride. Buckle up for this funny, sassy and life-affirming play by Canadian favourite Tomson Highway.

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