Kiss of the Spider Woman Poster

Kiss of the Spider Woman

Presented by Dry Cold Productions

Tom Hendry Warehouse

It is the 1960s in Argentina, a time of civic, economic, and cultural turmoil. Window-dresser Molina is in
the third year of his eight-year prison sentence for sexual deviancy. He lives in the fantasy world of cinema,
conjuring up the beautiful Aurora, his favorite film star. And while he loves her, he most fears visits from
her in the form of the Spider Woman, a vampy diva who kills men with her kiss. Molina’s life changes when
Marxist revolutionary Valentin is pushed into this cell after being tortured. Valentin is hostile towards the
flamboyant Molina, drawing a line down the center of the cell to keep their worlds separate. After the brutal
torture of Valentin, the pair develop a kinship and Molina keeps Valentin’s secrets while sharing his daydreams
of Aurora. Their relationship begins to extend beyond simple friendship into a true love and dedication
to each other – leading to a sacrifice worthy of the cinema.

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Molina Reid McTavish

Reid McTavish

Valentin Matthew Fletcher

Matthew Fletcher

Spider Woman/Aurora Rochelle Kives

Rochelle Kives

Warden James McLennan

James McLennan

Marta Elena Howard-Scott

Elena Howard-Scott

Gabriel Simon Miron

Simon Miron

The Mother Donna Fletcher

Donna Fletcher

Ensemble Josh Bellan

Josh Bellan

Ensemble Connor Coughlin

Connor Coughlin

Ensemble Liam Naughten

Liam Naughten

Ensemble Wes Rambo

Wes Rambo

Ensemble Omar Samuels

Omar Samuels

Ensemble Chase Winnicky

Chase Winnicky


Artistic Team

Director Christopher Brauer

Christopher Brauer

Music Director Paula Potosky

Paula Potosky

Choreographer Robert Boge

Robert Boge

Lighting Designer Scott Henderson

Scott Henderson

Set Designer Adam Parboosingh

Adam Parboosingh

Stage Manager Kathryn Ball

Kathryn Ball

Apprentice Director & Assistant to the Choreographer Hannah Wigglesworth

Hannah Wigglesworth

Apprentice Stage Manager Ridge Romanishen

Ridge Romanishen

Apprentice Set Designer Kara Pankiw

Kara Pankiw