As Canada's oldest English-language regional theatre, we have 60 years of history to celebrate. To allow the greatest access to our historical records, and to preserve them for generations to come, we have donated our records to the Archives of Manitoba where they will be available for public access by Spring 2018.

For assistance in accessing selected records before Spring 2018, please contact the Royal MTC archivist.

We are pleased to launch a digital exhibition featuring more than 350 images from Winnipeg-based and award-winning designer Brian Perchaluk. This exhibit features more than 350 images from selected productions of the past three decades of Perchaluk's set and costume design. The exhibit was made possible in part by the Government of Canada with the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Young Canada Works program. Visit archives.royalmtc.ca


Although we have copies of programs from almost all of our productions, there are still some that we are missing. Please download this PDF to view our list. If you have any of these missing programs at home and are willing to donate them to the archives or allow us to make a photocopy, please contact the Royal MTC Archives at archives.royalmtc.ca

Missing Programs (as of May 7, 2018)

Mary Horodyski, Archivist
Phone 204 956 1340 ext. 570
Fax 204 947 3741
174 Market Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 0P8

Painting by John Hirsch. Courtesy of the Archives of Manitoba, “John Hirsch paintings,” P7890/10.

Program for Playboy of the Western World (1961) signed by Tom Hendry and others.