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Cast of As You Like It.Set Designer Pam Johnson, Costume Designer Carmen Alatorre, Lighting Designer Gerald King, Sound Designer Peter McBoyle. Photo by Dylan Hewlett.



2021/22 Assistant Designers

For the 2021/22 season, Royal MTC is seeking early career professional designers who are looking to explore and enhance their artistic practice through production-specific mentoring by professional artists in their field. There are three assistant designer placement opportunities in the 2021/22 season associated with Mainstage productions. The deadline is 4pm CDT on Friday, June 25.

Assistant and Apprentice Directing opportunities for the 2021/22 season are already committed to candidates who had their professional development plans interrupted by COVID. For the 2022/23 season, It is our intention to provide a full range of professional development opportunities (including Apprentices and Assistants).




2020/21 Apprentices and Assistants

We’re so pleased to welcome this talented line-up of artists into our 2020/21 Apprentice/Assistant program. Originally slated to work with us on our 20/21 Mainstage and Warehouse productions, these artists have pivoted to new and innovative training opportunities at Royal MTC. Together with each artist, we’ve crafted individualized work plans to ensure that our commitment to their training can still be fulfilled this season.

APPRENTICES (Funded by Jean Murray–Moray Sinclair Theatre Scholarship)

Christine Leslie (directing)
Joyce Licup (set design)
Matthew Paris-Irvine (directing)

ASSISTANTS (Funded by Kingfisher Foundation)

Katie German (directing)
Shauna Jones (set design)
Davis Plett (sound design)
Hazel Venzon (directing)


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