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Sense & Sensibility. Heather Russell, Natalie Viebrock, Julie Lumsden. Set & Costume Designer Judith Bowden, Lighting Designer Scott Henderson. Photo by Leif Norman.

2022/23 Accessible Performances

Each season, Royal MTC offers performances with reduced barriers. This season you can attend a performance with ASL interpretation or live audio description. Book tickets here starting July 28, 2022!

Live Audio Description

You'll be provided with a receiver and earpiece to hear about the visual elements of the production including a brief introduction and description of details through the show. These are voiced live, in real time, by a trained describer. You can bring your own earbuds or portable headphones if you prefer!  


By Kat Sandler
Directed by Ann Hodges
Audio described performance Wed April 19 2023, 7:30 PM at the Tom Hendry Warehouse - book AD tickets here by selecting Audio Description from the drop down menu or contact the box office.

A cocky private investigator teams up with a small-town detective to find a missing person. The victim – if he’s missing at all – was a bad dog who left a trail of conquests in his wake. Top of the list is Kath, an older professor with a reputation for bedding students. Is she a woman scorned? Is she a suspect? Or is she something more sinister? As the case unravels, predator and prey become indistinguishable, and no one is safe. In this murder mystery-revenge comedy, inspired by Baba Yaga folklore, Kat Sandler conjures a twisted fairy tale for a new age. Beware the wicked witch – her secrets are best left buried.

American Sign Language Interpretation

There is limited seating available in the sections with best view of the interpreter. If no one has requested tickets in this section 48 hours before the performance, the interpretation is cancelled, so please book in advance! Use the link next to the show you want to come to to make your booking, or contact the box office.


Written and Directed by Mieko Ouchi
ASL-interpreted performance Sun May 14, 2:00 PM at the John Hirsch Mainstage - book ASL section tickets here!

At 63, Dorothy expected to jump into the RV and take off with her husband at the wheel. Now facing life without her co-pilot, she makes a terrifying decision. She’s going to Burning Man. In the RV she’s never driven. To join thousands of revellers in the Nevada desert at the world’s largest art festival. Based on the playwright’s mother, Burning Mom follows one woman’s exploits as she sheds the pain and grief of the past so she may fully embrace the future. Told with bittersweet humour and hard-won courage, Dorothy’s story will have you rooting for her all the way. Burning Man or bust. Who’s coming along for the ride?


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