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Cast & Creative Teams


 Differential Colours Waking in Darkness

Playwright Eric Plamondon
Director  Danielle Sturk


Gabriel Daniels
Purple Tina Keeper
Peach Tyler Shingoose


 The shape of paint water

Playwright Emily Meadows
Director Simon Miron
Actor 1 Ashley Cook
Actor 2 Kara Joseph
Actor 3 Rodrigo Beilfuss
Actor 4 Charlene van Buekenhout


  Love, Louis

Playwright Victoria Perrie
Director Darla Contois
Julie Katie German
Louis Riel Eric Plamondon
Boy Brian Courchene
Boy Louis Kushaal Deane
Judge Joshua Ranville
Gabriel Mark Head





  Coming Home  

Playwright Mary Black
Director Ashley Cook
Mashkiki’kwe / Sergeant Johnson Rayna Masterson
Clara / Constable Willis Madyson Richard
Makwa/Mahkwa Joe Black
Older, Grandpa Version of Main Character Kyle Ranville




Playwright Michael Lawrenchuk
Director Christopher Brauer
Utu and Others Elena Anciro
Owl and Others Mariam Bernstein
Machi and Others John Cook
Coyote and Others Kevin Klassen
Saluecus and Others Harry Nelken
Enfys and Others Charlene van Buekenhout



  7 Tips for Being a Good Indian

Playwright Ryan Black
Director Marsha Knight
Actor Chris Perez



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