Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre-Media Centre

Cast & Creative Teams


Playwright Rhonda Apetagon
Director  Katie German

Dennis, Ken

Ryan Black
Milly Mary Black
Ravi Stephen Gatphoh
Tom Michael Lawrenchuk
Purvis Simon Miron
Radio DJ, Raymond Joshua Ranville
Budgie Bird, Donna, Jean Erica Wilson


  the rapturous promises of love and death 

Playwright Trevor Greyeyes
Director Katie German
Urban Greylips Trevor Greyeyes



Playwright Nova Courchene
Director Charlene Van Beukenhout
Noozhe's Son Braiden Houle
Esereth Tracey Nepinak
Kiskaw Joshua Ranville
Aaybe Michael Lawrenchuk
Noozhe Darla Contois






Playwright Cynthia Wolfe-Nolin
Director Katie German
Gmewin Mary Black
Postie Emily Meadows
Mildred Kristian Cahatol
Virginia and Corporate Intercom Voice Melanie Whyte
Rajveer Carly Rackal



  Cory and Daisy

Playwright Bridget Courchene
Director Simon Miron
SHRG (Stylish Hourse-Riding Gnome) Angelina Alberto
Patrick Vinnie Alberto
Cory Joyce Delaronde
Junior Braiden Houle
ERG (Evil Russian Gnome) Toby Hughes
MC, Bachelorette Party Guest Darren Martens
Blake Joshua Ranville
Daisy Madyson Richard



  Blood sisters

Playwright Elizabeth Denny
Director Charlene Van Buekenhout
Dale Ryan Black
Crystal Marsha Knight
Carl Michael Lawrenchuk
Wendy, Social Worker Mary Emily Meadows
Meryl Tracey Nepinak
Social Worker Angel Melanie Whyte
Percy Gabriel Daniels
Janine, Social Worker Vera Alissa Watson
D.J. Erica Wilson
Hospital Staff, Nurse, Automated Message, Constable Ryan, TV Announcer, Sports Announcer Cory Wojcik



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