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Festival Keynote – DR. Pamela Palmater

Together We Can Save our Peoples and the Planet


Friday, March 4 at 7pm CT

Climate action is no longer an option – it is an urgent global imperative. The wisdom of Indigenous knowledge keepers and international scientists leave no doubt that the collective health, safety and well-being of our families, communities and Nations are at grave risk if we don't act now to address the current climate crisis. By working together, across multiple intersectionalities, we can save our peoples and the planet from further destruction and protect the future for all living things on Mother Earth.

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PamPalmater.jpgAbout DR. Pamela Palmater

Pam Palmater is an award-winning public speaker, author and social justice activist. She was one of the spokespeople and public educators for the Idle No More movement and continues to advocate alongside other social movements focusing on Indigenous rights, social justice and climate action. She is also a well-known media commentator and public speaker – considered one of Canada’s Top 25 Influential Movers and Shakers by the Financial Post (2017). 

Pam has four university degrees, including a BA from St. Thomas University in Native Studies; an LLB from the University of New Brunswick, and her Masters and Doctorate in Law from Dalhousie University, specializing in Indigenous law. She is frequently called as a legal expert before Parliamentary and Senate committees, as well as United Nations treaty bodies dealing with human rights, and laws and policies impacting Indigenous peoples. 
A member of Eel River Bar First Nation and a citizen of the Mi’kmaw Nation, Pam has been volunteering and working with First Nations and grassroots organizations for over 30 years. Her focus on Indigenous education, sovereignty and nation-building includes work in Indigenous law-making, land reclamation and global advocacy in human rights. 
“My focus is on educating the resistance and empowering the next generation of warriors to help us protect the people and the planet.” 

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