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Talkbacks are a highlight of our Theatre For Young Audience performances.


Actors return to the stage for an enlightening post-show session! Enjoy these free with your ticket on select dates.

While watching the show, make a mental note of questions to ask the actors about the production or life in the theatre. Remember that these artists deserve to be treated with respect! It’s okay to have a negative opinion, but this is the chance to ask questions and understand the performance or process, not to criticize. If you have a concern, please see the house manager after the show and they will make sure your feedback gets to the appropriate Royal MTC staff.

Here are some example questions that could spark good conversation! Feel free to ask one of these or something like it at your next talkback!
- what kind of research did you do for this role?
- what was your inspiration for the character?
- what are the most exciting and challenging things about this show or genre?
- what about this vision of the production do you find satisfying?
- what was the rehearsal process like for this show?
- what technical or design elements in this show do you find challenging or interesting?
- did you learn anything in this process?
- do you wish things had turned out differently for your character?
- why do you think that this show is relevant to our time?

Upcoming Talkbacks:

The John Hirsch Mainstage, after Tuesday evening and select Wednesday matinee performances.
Network: Oct 25, Nov 2 (matinee)
The Three Musketeers: Nov 29, Dec 7 (matinee)
Into the Woods: Jan 17, Jan 25 (matinee)
Trouble in Mind: Feb 21, Mar 1 (matinee)
The Secret to Good Tea: Mar 28, Apr 5 (matinee)
Burning Mom: May 2, May 10 (matinee)

The Tom Hendry Warehouse, after performances on Tuesday evenings and Thursday matinees. 
New: Nov 15, Nov 17 (matinee)
Let's Run Away: Dec 6, Dec 15 (matinee)
Sexual Misconduct of the Middle Classes: Mar 7, Mar 16 (matinee)
​Yaga: Apr 11, Apr 20 (matinee)


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